BILLBOARD Charting Producer collective, passionate about bringing major label, top tier mixes with DIY pricing to the marketplace. Changing with a changing industry. The secret? CAD doesn't need to say WHO is behind the mixes. Therefore, the artist doesn't have to pay top tier prices! It's about YOUR brand, not ours!

-Over 20yrs Experience in the Recording Industry working w/Multi-Platinum Selling Producers, Billboard Charting & High End Clients
-Market/ Radio Ready Professional Mixes of your Home Recording Projects
-All Musical Styles, All Genres, Podcasts, TV | Film, Audio for YouTube & TikTok Videos
-CHEAP Pricing for Independent Artists who need the Major Label Shine!
-(48) Hour Turnaround Per Song, once booked
into the mix cue/schedule
-Modern Mixing Style and Approach using Digital & Analog Gear
-Simple and Easy ordering & project prep instructions
-Apple Digital Masters
-Communication Throughout the Process
 -High Res Files 
 -Competitive Professional Mix and Master 
 -Zoom with Project Mix Engineer 
 -Instrumentals and Radio Edits at No Extra Cost
-No Hidden Fees, Simple, Straight, CHEAP Pricing
-The Dude does his homework on your project to present the best mix for your Genre & Demographics!
-NO Templates! NO Mix sounds the same! Unique to every artist
-The Dude is an Artist himself. So, The Dude GETS it!
-The Dude Saves you time & money! The Dude focuses on your mix, so you can focus on your craft!
-WHY does The Dude charge so little? Because everyone at CAD Music are ALL musicians. We ALL understand trying to put your best foot forward when chasing your dreams and don't want your dreams to be shackled, due to funds! We have all been there

CheapAudioDude is a group of industry professionals who are musicians, first and foremost. This is our passion. It is about YOUR brand. Not Ours. We aren't driven by having our brand name all over your product. Your work should speak for itself. To us, it's ALL ABOUT YOU!

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